Attitude, my babies, Attitude

I absolutely adore Nigella Lawson. Not always her recipes, sadly. But her, definitely, always. I love her Christmas cookbook; it’s visually beautiful, has several delicious recipes, but mostly puts me in the mood and calms me down

Sorry, I said the C word.  It’s only coming up on wonderful Thanksgiving, and I do want to honor that. We will all be doing an inordinate amount of eating, not to mention cooking, laundering, and excessive drinking.

Please follow this link and take Nigella’s sage advice. Then have a glass of your favorite depressant, and watch it again.

I am sorry to say that holiday season is the most stressful time of the year for most of us homies. I sort of blame Norman Rockwell for that, but it doesn’t matter who or why. We have expectations and want things to be special. And frankly, expectations and planning have been proven to be the most satisfying thing of all for our human brains. So go ahead and plan and expect to have a great time, after you’ve watched Nigella’s video and are firmly heeding said advice!


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