At Least I learned a Few Lessons

Are three enough? Are six too many?

Hahaha, we used to laugh derisively at that old television commercial where a mother worried about how many prunes to feed her child to keep him “regular.”

Six is a huge jump, 100%, from three. How was that attitude reasonable? And yet, I think some recipe authors double ingredient amounts with the intent of turning good to great.

I am here to say: that doesn’t work!

I tested a recipe, foolishly when I had company, that promised the cheese biscuits were even better than their famous restaurant’s originals.

As I was stirring 1 1/2 cups of cheese into the batter for ten biscuits, I wondered if it was too much. Note to self: YES!, remember the infamous Tres Leche cake recipe that specified a glass pan, then poke it all while hot and pour on the 3-milk blend? Glass shards and sticky cake bits everywhere. Sigh.

I should have trusted my instincts. They came out seeming doughy. Even over-baking them to dark brown left the center gooey; and not in a good melted pizza cheese way. They were gooey in an uncooked doughy way. There was just too much cheese. Not to mention that I know garlic powder is hideous in most everything except chex mix.

Thanks a lot for wasting my ingredients. Thanks a lot for tainting my reputation with my dinner guests.

I do NOT recommend this recipe.

Lesson one: Trust your instincts.

Lesson two: Don’t try new recipes on company.


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