Are Lemon Bars Ever Bad?


No and no. Lemon bars are always good. However, some bars are better than others.

My old standby was from my red and white Good Housekeeping book. The only thing wrong with it is it is baked in an 8X8X2 pan.

But ever looking for perfection, I tried one with bake-sale in the name. Boo.

Luckily, I came across this one called The Best Lemon Bars; yes, of course, I tried it because I’m a sucker for anything named The Best. (I am wise enough to know contributors on use “best” or even “awesome” and they obviously don’t know the meaning of the word.) But these bars at iambaker are FAB! I will vouch for them being the best (with a slight tweak.)

First of all they are in a 9X13X2 pan! So for the same effort, you get twice the bars.

When I compared it to my old standby, I noted that there is a higher lemon juice ratio in the topping, so that is obviously a plus plus. There was no baking powder in the topping either and I think that’s fine; it probably puffs up the topping more which then falls so I am fine with not using that anymore.

My only beef is no zest. I mean, I’m squeezing 3 or 4 lemons here, why not zest one while I’m at it? You have to know that the zest is where the flavor is. To purposely omit the flavor owner on a lemon is folly. Soooo, I did zest one of my lemons and put that in the topping.

I also admit that I did not use the entire amount of sugar in the topping. I know already that the crust is sweet and I want the tart topping with just enough sugar to not be sour. Don’t worry, I kind of used it. With my 1/2 cup measure I dipped scantily into the canister three times. I imagine I was at about 1 1/4 cup sugar all told in the topping.

I am a fan of lemon. This is an easy recipe. Lemons are available year round, so this is a year-round recipe for me. It goes with everything; I mean if you had Thai for dinner, these are a good dessert. If you had fried chicken for dinner, these are a good dessert. If you had pizza, or tacos, or lentil soup, or even breakfast-for-dinner, these are a good dessert.

Add it to your repertoire of stand-bys.

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