Approved & Recommended Twist


All that talk about cocoa and updates and twists reminded me of my 100% Approved addition, even recommended addition to cocoa: homemade marshmallows.

Have you done this before? It is quite fun to do. You will be amazed at how delicious they are too. And atop hot cocoa they’re even better because they melt a little quicker than your grocery store marshmallows. They are much softer and ready to get soft and melty on top. Soooo good.

Try this Marshmallow recipe sometime on a dry winter day.

It’s pretty ingredient and tool-shy, but as always, the right ingredients and the right tools are required. A hand-held mixer can be used, but I’ve only ever done it with a standing mixer; it will take maybe twice as long beating if using your hand-held. And you need a candy thermometer.

But then, you have these wonderful soft little pillows of sweet air. I was making them as a hostess gift and thought cutting them in scalloped rounds the size of the cocoa mug would be extra special, instead of cutting them in squares as directed. That made a cook’s bonus for me! All those little trims from between the round cutter were perfect to test in a fresh mug of cocoa, like my own mini marhsmallows. Yay…cook is happy.


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