A Vegetable Cookie


IMG_3181[1]Our favorite homemade ice cream is Jeni Britton Bauer’s recipe for Sweet Corn and Black Raspberry Ice Cream, so I’m not at all put off by an odd flavor being used in desserts. And I wasn’t scared when I ran across the soaring reviews for Momofuku Milk Bar’s Corn Cookies. Many comments to the effect that this is their favorite cookie in the whole world were unnecessary to get me on board. In fact, I couldn’t wait to make them and wondered why I hadn’t discovered them sooner.

The texture is sublime; they have that crackly crispy edge and the chewy center. And, of course, they taste like corn. Sweet, summery, earthy corn. They are just that good. I really felt like I had made a bakery level cookie with this one.

But I will warn you, these are not a fast operation. You have to be dedicated to the ingredients and the time to make these. I spent off and on time through the week gathering ingredients and off and on time on a Saturday to make them, then only baking one sheet and saving the rest for the next day.

I think they are worth it. But even with that, they won’t make it into my regular baking rotation. These are for an event, for when cooking is a therapy or a creative outlet activity. They will probably be making an appearance as a go-with to our fresh Corn Ice Cream this July.

What to watch out for, my observations and advice:

  • One of the ingredients is corn flour. That is a real thing. You know that aisle of the grocery store that has specialty flours and grains? This is where you will find it. I bought the Bob’s Red Mill brand. I also use this flour in my Shrimp and Grits fritters. Don’t worry, you will find ways to use it.
  • Another essential ingredient is corn powder. Momofuku makes and sells their own, but I found in commentary that you can buy freeze dried corn and grind it yourself. You can get freeze dried corn at Whole Foods and other “health food stores”; I got mine at a nut and candy store that sells lots of crazy freeze dried fruits and veggies too (yay, Nifty Nut House).  There are some online places to buy this, but if you search around locally you will be happier with not having to pay freight on this little gem. The freeze dried kernels are lighter than air and turn to powder straight away in your blender or mini food processor.
  • It calls for 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt which I think next time I will reduce a bit. I understand the yin and yang of sweet and salty, but I think the salt was just a bit too much. I think a healthy teaspoon will be sufficient.
  • These are giant bakery-style cookies. You use a giant ice cream scoop or a 1/3 cup measure. Then you can only put 6 on a sheet because of the spread. And that is after refrigerating the scoops for at least an hour before baking. Look at these babies taking over my cookie sheet! They are to cool completely on the sheet after baking, so again, you are not going to be able to bake a lot of these in a short amount of time unless you have dozens of cookie sheets.


  • The second time I made them regular cookie size. They tasted just as good, so I advise that; I fit a normal 12 on the sheet instead of only 6. They baked for 11 minutes instead of 18.
  • The recipe is written with great detail. Follow the directions to the letter and you will be rewarded with some killer sweet/salty/crackly/chewy wonders.

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