5 Mother Sauces

Little did I know way back in my 8th grade Home Ec class that I was learning the Five Mother Sauces, and that those would be the foundation of dishes I would make forever.

I don’t think the Tomato Sauce we created was quite up to par. But as I look at lots of recipes and things I’ve improvised over the years, “mother” is indeed appropriate. Not just a white sauce to pour over peas and new potatoes, but virtually every soup, stew, pie filling, is born from that sauce technique. When you can do these well, with or without prompt, you have arrived. You will not be frightened of making any sauce or gravy. You will roll your eyes at the idiotic remarks on cooking shows about how hard it is to not make lumpy gravy. Please.

I try to make Monday’s meatless, and so a tasty tomato sauce is a great fallback. You can toss the three ingredients in a pot and let it simmer for an hour without much attention while you ready everything and everybody else. So elegantly simple.

Try this famous Italian sauce and comfort yourself tonight. I bet you’ve got an onion, some butter and a big can of tomatoes sitting around the pantry. Dried pasta, Parmesan and you’re done. Bonus if you’ve got fresh basil or a bottle of red wine!

Comfort, flavor, and accomplishment are great ways to finish up a Monday.

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