3 Very Quick Suppers

Weekdays are harder in the winter. you come home in the dark, plus it’s cold and you just want to hole up and have someone feed you. Alas, you must feed yourself.

You’ll feel so much better after you retreat to your own space, sans dress shoes and foundational undergarments. Maybe a cocktail’s in order, but just one or else you’ll lose your ability to create that anticipated meal. Delvery wins again.

So while you sip your drink, peruse these ideas and I bet you’ve already got the pantry stocked for at least one. (Note to self: if you don’t have ingredients for any of these, your self-help task is to stop at the grocery on your way home tomorrow night and buy them!)

POTATO SOUP – rustle up one potato per person and you’ve got the bones. You can pop them in the microwave to get started, no peeling required. Drop them in icy water when they come out to rid them of their jackets. Or if you are clever enough to have a ricer in your drawer, just push them through that and it’ll remove the peels for you. You’ll need a simple thin bechamel and you’re pretty much done.  If you don’t have enough milk, try some canned milk and canned veg or chicken broth. Dress it up with minced onions, crumbled bacon if you’re lucky enough to have that rollong around in the deli drawer. Sour cream or yogurt dolloped on top make it special. Ta – da, you are eating dinner. If you don’t wanna go it without a recipe, here’s a simple one: Grandmas Potato Soup

GRILLED CHEESE – you’re going to need cheese and bread for this. It’s tres chic if you insert a thinly sliced apple or pear. Try mixing 2 different cheeses if you’ve got em; cream cheese and cheddar, mozzerella and blue. Even two different breads on the same sandwich. The exciting trick is to NOT use too much cheese. I know the television commercials show slices dripping with cheese, but that actually doesn’t taste as good as a finite amount that’s able to almost melt into the bread as it is grilling. You’ll be amazed at how satisfying a simple sandwich is if you add some texture like the ultra thin sliced fruit, or celery, or lettuce/spinach leaves. Pizza-wiches are fun if you have some leftover spaghetti sauce in the fridge. If not, try some jalapeno ketchup or sriracha sauce. Oh, and after your plainer sandwich is grilled, try a smear of chutney, marmalade, or other sweetish picklish item (think cranberry sauce, but expand your horizon).

EGGS – how do you like em? They are so darn versatile. You can fry them and eat just like that, or put between bread for a sandwich, or dress them with chunks of your leftover fridge items like the grilled cheese sandwich. I really love making mini dishes. Individual souffles are fancy, but oh so easy. You’ll need eggs and cheese. Here’s one of my favorites: Easy Mini Souffles

Now throw down some crackers, pickles, salad, etc. and comfort yourself. You did it!



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