Boy do I love to cook. But I really hate thinking up day after day, what’s for dinner. And I really hate trying a recipe and it is awful and I wasted all that time and all those ingredients, not to mention it tasted awful.

Shall We Eat is dedicated to knowing that we need to eat. That we are happy when we create something tasty. That we want to go someplace that we trust for ideas and advice.

This is that place.

We have advice.

We have recipes. I’ve written a few, but also, link you to recipes that I’ve tried and will vouch for.


I’m always printing off recipes because they sound good and I don’t want to forget them. Now I have a pile several inches thick that need to be tested! You can help me on this journey. See what I find out and send me your ideas for what to try next.

Please join the SWE community. I know you will be happy you did. I know I will be too.